Upload Your Name Badge Artwork

Click the Browse button below to select the file you wish to upload. Then, press the Upload button to transfer the file to Tydenbrooks. Uploading the file may take several minutes.

Please be patient and do not use your browser's stop button

Specifications for Art Files

  1. Images must be in vector format such as:
    • Illustrator (Up through version 11.0)
    • Freehand (Up through version 10.0)
    • Corel Draw (Up through version 8.0)
  2. All fonts must be included or outlined
  3. Images for full color reproduction must be sent at high resolution (300 dpi) in Photoshop; .eps, .tif, or .psh format
  4. Files that are JPEG, BMP or GIF formats and are not in vector format will incur an additional conversion charge
  5. Large files my be stuffed or zipped

Thank You.




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